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WorkplaceMT Mindfulness training programmes

WorkplaceMT Mindfulness training

Juliet has helped to pioneer an evidence informed approach to teaching mindfulness in the workplace called WorkplaceMT™.

WorkplaceMT programmes include all the core elements taught in a traditional 8-week MBCT programme, but reduces the face to face teaching time and home practice requirement by at least 50%.

Programmes can be tailored to your needs around organisational themes such as Performance and effectiveness, Balance and resilience or Creativity and energy. Courses are usually six weeks in duration, but we can flex and change delivery formats to meet organisational needs.

Classic eight week MBCT – This course is based on Professor Mark Williams & Danny Penmans best-selling book ‘Mindfulness: a guide to finding peace in a frantic world’. If time allows, this format of delivery is highly effective in teaching and embedding mindfulness. It includes :

All workshops and courses include taught input and experimental learning.

We provide mindfulness coaching one to one from 4 weeks to 12 weeks in duration. Coaching can be tailored to individual needs, either covering key aspects of mindfulness training, or focussing on applying mindfulness to specific challenges or areas in need of development.

Juliet collaborates with The Mindfulness Exchange, (a spin off from Oxford University’s, Oxford Mindfulness Centre ) to offer a Train the Trainer pathway for those wishing to teach mindfulness in the workplace.

The Foundation programme is an intensive week that equips those eligible to attend to teach WorkplaceMT programmes. The programme includes plenty of time to observe WorkplaceMT teaching, practice guiding exercises, understand the underpinning evidence base and to help you sell and make the business case for mindfulness. Residential weeks are taught in the UK four times a year. Successful completion includes listing trainers on the WorkplaceMT website and TME website as a WorkplaceMT trainer.

Juliet and Marina also teach this course in other countries
on request.

The Advanced programme is optional. For many people the foundation programme is all that is required. The Advanced programmes verifies the performance of trainers via direct observation on a four day programme. An alternative Experience Assessment route is also offered for those unable to attend. Successful completion enables trainers to be listed as Verified trainers.

Supervision of mindfulness teachers

Juliet offers Mindfulness trainers who run programmes in the workplace supervision as part of their ongoing CPD. Please email Juliet for further information.

Juliet is available as a keynote speaker.