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Individual programs

One-on-one Leadership training

For CEOs, directors, upper management or anyone who leads and would like to sharpen their leadership skills. Highly individualized training with a focus on transformation, this training is good preparation for future implementation in your firm.

Leadership retreats

An opportunity to step back and examine your vision and role as a leader, these retreats are designed to strengthen confidence as well as a conscientious approach to business and leadership. Through intensive learning with specialized teachers at offsite and inspiring locations.

Individual Leadership training

at A Head for Work, UK

at Eric Le Gal, France

at Elad Levinson, USA & Abroad

at Kalapa Academy, France & Germany

at Monasterra, France

at Potential Project, USA, Europe, Asie

Cycle MBSR 8-week course

MBSR, or Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction was created by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn.  Using specific practices developed to cultivate body-mind awareness and strengthen resilience through the challenges we face everyday. Instructors create a safe and supportive environment for this program which includes 2 ½ hour group classes once a week for 8 weeks and one all-day weekend class in between classes 6 and 7.

One-on-one Mindfulness training

Mindfulness-based coaching for executives, upper management, HR directors and project managers. Methods include mindfulness meditation, awareness exercises, mindful exchange and life-balance coaching, to develop resilience, vision and personal resources in front of change and challenge.

MBSR training Programs

Introduction & short In-house programs

Introduction programs

Introduction to mindfulness: the practices, methods and research behind the programs, as well as a look at the evolution of stress in the workplace. A chance to examine and experience the tools and techniques used in the courses and an assessment of the present situation.

2 or 4-day programs

Short, intensive programs for teams or companies dealing with change or challenging situations. Customized mindfulness-based sessions with instruction and exercises aimed at developing awareness, improving communication, performance and
general well-being.
Customized In-house programs

6 or 8-week In-house programs

Customized programs for companies seeking transformation. Aimed at general improvement through the development of individual and group awareness, performance, energy and well-being. The advantage of in-depth programs is the focus on implementing newly learned skills to everyday work-life.

Customized Programs

at A Head for Work, UK

at Kalapa Academy, France & Germany

at Potential Project, USA, Europe, Asie

Online training

One-on-one online coaching

Live, interactive online sessions for individuals and groups. Flexible and consistent guidance with a coach, working towards the transformation to your full potential and based on your situation and your needs.

Online coaching

at Eric Le Gal, France

at Elad Levinson, USA & Abroad

at Suzanne Matthiessen, USA (Midwest, East Coast)

Audio training + online support

Audio learning sessions designed to help you optimize your potential. The high-quality programs are designed to allow you to work through the material at your own rate, with the adapted lengths and exercises to be effective. There is also the possibility of online support depending on the program.

Audio training

at Praxis You, USA & Abroad