Eric Le Gal

France and Abroad

Eric is Lama of the Shangpa lineage and member of the “Open Mindfulness Compassion” network. He teaches mindfulness in a secular context, emphasizing the recognition of the openness of the heart and the spirit as a pristine and spontaneous state. His profound knowledge of Buddhist philosophy and long meditation practice in retreat nourishes his work.

He is also trained in NonViolent Communication and is actually preparing a Master of Coaching and Consulting for Change at INSEAD.

He launched Ekwanim in 2015, a consulting and coaching firm aiming to promote happiness at work, humanist and empathic leaders and a certain wisdom in change situations.


Founded in 2015 by Eric Le Gal, EKWANIM is the first consulting and coaching European firm specialized in professional and personal transitions that associates the western management approach, the keys of empathic communication, the practice of mindfulness and the Eastern wisdom. EKWANIM offer is declined in 4 complementary services. Read more at Ekwanim


1. BeZen@work: Develop and promote mindfulness in the professional world in order to reduce stress, develop creativity and overall happiness in the work place.

2. Gesar Integral Leadership: A training program for managers willing to better integrate their professional mission in their inner life quest, by developing empathy, listening, presence and consciousness.

3. Anitya Change Management: A bespoke offer for entrepreneurs and organizations facing change issues and willing to develop efficient and yet harmonious change management solutions.

4. Ekwanim Personal Coaching: A bespoke and unique coaching for people in bith personal and professional transition period.