Suzanne Matthiessen

U.S.A. (Midwest, East Coast)

Suzanne has been teaching, coaching and writing about holistic approaches to personal and group awareness, performance and integrated well-being for over two and one-half decades. For almost three years, she was a senior instructor for Florida-based eMindful, a company that provides mindfulness-centered wellness courses for corporate employees via an interactive online classroom. Suzanne has taught in-person and live, online foundational mindfulness courses for employees of large organizations including Aetna Insurance and UnitedHealth Group, as well as many mid-sized – to small businesses, and the general public.

Intentionally Conscious

“We all lead by our example in whatever sphere of influence we have in any given moment – and there are no unimportant moments or choices.”

Skills training in character development and ethical behavior for leaders and employees has often been placed on the back burner of importance for a number of years, despite the corporate and political scandals that have dominated headlines and ruined countless innocent lives. In a highly competitive world that is focused on power and profits, these were often considered quaint qualities for an organization or individual looking to gain in statute. Do “whatever it takes” to have a “competitive advantage” has been a common mantra, and even conscious awareness skills like emotional and social intelligence and mindfulness have been mined to see how they could be used to accomplish goals in performance, productivity and bottom-line profit-making objectives – which unfortunately has led to some individuals exploiting these tools for personal gain.

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