Our mission is to contribute to diffusing mindful initiatives in Society and to make them accessible for all including people at risk of exclusion whether it is for their health, economic or social conditions.

Our training programs are aimed at professionals as well as individuals and organisations in all secteurs, who are concerned with stress reduction, the prevention of psycho-social risk, employee well-being, and the amelioration of leadership, collaboration and innovation.

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Ateliers de découverte & d’information : 2h30 pour découvrir de manière expérientielle les pratiques de Pleine Conscience (Mindfulness) et le programme MBSR.

  • Vendredi 11 mars de 19h à 21h30
  • Vendredi 22 avril de 16h à 18h30
  • Lieu : Studio de Yoga Om Sweet Om 17
  • Tarif: 25€ (facilités de paiement en cas de besoin)