Elad Levinson

U.S.A. & Overseas

Senior Organization Effectiveness at 4128 Associates, Instructor for Thriving on Change. Integrates best practices in leadership development with applied Neuroscience, Social Psychology and Organizational Effectiveness.

Course developer and facilitator Elad, a 45-year veteran of organizational development, has collaborated with experts in organizational psychology, leadership development, and social and cognitive science to provide first-hand experience, research findings, and practical exercises you will incorporate into your daily routine.

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Thriving on Change integrates the necessary proven-effective skills, tools, and practices to ensure leaders expertly respond to uncertainty, conflict, and inevitable distraction. Unlike other leadership development courses, this program is delivered in bite-size chunks, designed to enlist all of your learning faculties by use of video, audio, animation, discussion forums, downloadable practices and more.


Elad has designed and developed multi-stakeholder cultural change programs that have led to increased employee engagement, improved performance management, and a re-energized, results-driven leadership.  He has vast experience as an executive coach, and is also widely known for applying principles of Mindfulness and Compassion to business problems.

Elad is a licensed psychotherapist with degrees from San Francisco State and Adelphi Universities.

Elad is available for keynote speaking and conferences. As an expert in applying neuroscience and cognitive sciences to leadership effectiveness, he has spoken extensively for groups and organisations all over the world on the subjects of leadership, change management and personal development, among others.