Dan Huston

U.S.A. (Boston)

As a Full Professor in the English Department at NHTI, Concord’s Community College, Dan teaches communication and writing, and he serves as assistant to the department head. He has been incorporating mindfulness, meditation, and emotional intelligence into his communication curriculum for over fifteen years and was awarded NHTI’s 2008 Chancellor’s Award for Teaching Excellence. communication.

His Communicating Mindfully course doubles as a form of professional development for faculty at his college and elsewhere. This training has inspired curriculum development to infuse mindfulness into a variety of courses ranging from literature to information technology.

Communicating Mindfully

After discovering the benefits of combining mindfulness with communication theory in his own life, Dan developed a college-level communication course to share this transformational approach to communication. Since then, CM has expanded to become a form of professional development and business training. Participants consistently experience increased self-awareness, improved relationships, and an ability to manage a variety of challenges, including learning disabilities, depression, PTSD, OCD, and ADHD, applying mindful communication skills at home and at work, thus increasing their overall happiness and job performance.

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Dan regularly presents at national and regional conferences, as well as at public and private institutions, and he provides business training in Communicating Mindfully.

In this TEDx talk, Dan uses personal experience, anecdotal evidence, neuroscience, and the results of a recent controlled study conducted with researchers Norman Farb and Eric Garland to explain how infusing mindfulness with the study of communication theory helps people connect better with themselves and others, changing lives in the process.

Dan is available to bring Communicating Mindfully training or presentations to businesses, schools, and other organizations. The format is flexible and can be modified to accommodate your needs.

Having taught communication skills to private and public sector groups for over 25 years, I have seen many trainers in action. I attended one of Dan’s sessions recently, and I can say that it really exceeded my expectations. Dan did a great job interacting with the group. He was personable and lively and at the same time set a relaxed tone that helped the audience develop rapport with him and each other. Dan has a very supportive presence that helps learners feel comfortable.

– Dr. Helen Meldrum
 Associate Professor of Psychology
 Bentley University

Principal Partner Communication 
Counseling Associates