Erick Rinner

Northern Europe

Erick has been in corporate finance for 25 years including 17 years in private equity, investing in more than 20 companies; he also spent eight years in Investment banking at Société Générale in New York and London. Erick’s core skills include initiating change at board level, negotiation, advising management teams on value creation and leadership. He sits on the board of companies in London, Luxembourg and Switzerland. Erick trains leaders and executives in global companies for corporate mindfulness techniques.

Potential Project

When you partner with Potential Project you are not hiring a vendor or buying a product. You are entering into a conversation about developing the potential of your organization and people. They take special care to customize the program for your unique needs.

“In my daily work life I’ve let go of “action addiction” so instead of jumping into emails right away, I start the day prioritizing important tasks and completing at least one of them before getting to my inbox.”

Casper Fabricius, Engineering Manager, Citrix

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