Holly Niemela

Paris & Abroad

Using awareness-based practices, mindfulness and emotional intelligence Holly directs and develops programs geared for companies’ leadership, teams and individuals to become empowered, concentrated, confident and authentic.  This leads to efficient performance, closer teamwork, better understanding of oneself and others as well as creating a healthy work environment. In the digital revolution today we need to find the inner capacity to create, to thrive, to lead.

Holly guides group retreats, gives conferences and workshops to companies and organisations who are interested to bring optimal being through mindfulness into their realm, whether for leadership/team building, performance/efficiency, work/life balance, or wellness  and especially for those business pioneers who believe we must recognize, respect and develop the “human being” in order to bring about a new work environment now.

Her programs can be tailor-made for any organization seeking solutions for enhancing person potential, happiness and peace of mind. The end result brings increased performance, more employee engagement, less absenteeism, more creativity and overall the development of a more positive workforce.

Holly teaches in English and in French, globally.

The work of Holly Niemela at Mindful & Peaceful Interventions

Optimal Being Advocate. Guiding others how to be in the zone, to flow and thrive with peace of mind and good health, by gaining access to that unlimited source of wellness, wisdom and wonder within by simply being present. Holly brings efficient, effective tools to help us flourish in our digital, fast-paced life.

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