Juliet Adams

United Kingdom

Director at A Head for Work, Founder of Mindfulnet.org. Specializes in Leadership Development and Workplace productivity. Co-developer of WorkplaceMT™, an evidence informed approach to teaching mindfulness in the workplace based on MBCT. Mindfulness-at-work facilitator and author of ‘Mindfulness at Work for Dummies’, Making the Business Case for Mindfulness, and Mindful Leadership for Dummies.

Juliet started the website Mindfulnet.org in 2009 at a time when independent information on mindfulness was difficult to find. Since then she has developed it as a free, secular, independent web-based mindfulness resource that aims to provide ‘everything you need to know about mindfulness on one website.

Mindfulnet, which operates on a not for profit basis, organised the first Mindfulness at work conference in 2012, which was very well received and sparked further interest in the media and within organisations. Mindfulnet organized the 2014 conference in partnership with Cranfield University School of Management, and the 2015 Mind and Matter conference in partnership with GSD

A Head for Work

A Head for Work specializes in Leadership and Workplace productivity by helping you and your organization thrive in times of change and uncertainty. They do this by applying practical neuroscience to the world of work. Read more at A Head for Work

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