Stéphane Leluc

France & Abroad

Practicing meditation and contemplative disciplines for over 20 years, Stéphane has managed commercial and operational teams of over 100 people at SODEXO and BAYARD PRESSE before starting his own company in 2000, CAURIS MEDIA, consulting and developing in press publishing. He is now Director of Kalapa France.

“Mindfulness is central to our work. We emphasize the application of mindfulness in the everyday life of a leader. Our work is always supported by research. Cultivating mindfulness is much more than learning a new technique: it’s about developing a deep awareness of oneself, a much larger perception and social intelligence.”

– Stéphane Leluc

Kalapa Leadership Academy

Teaching mindfulness methods for leadership, cultivating authenticity and social skills, establishing a mindful culture in organisations : we offer a large range of programs to both introduce and deepen mindfulness in organisations.

“A study in 2007 looked at 500 leaders and categorised them in different levels of leadership agility. Many were good functional managers, but only 5 to 10% of them were really exceptional leaders. And the interesting thing: more than 50% of this small group had a regular meditation or contemplative practice.”

– Christopher Tamdjidi, Managing director & trainer

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